*Dancehall sensation, Buju Banton who was arrested some time ago for cocaine charges, has been released on bail, posted by his fellow reggae artist Stephen Marley.

Banton allegedly was conspiring to buy cocaine from an undercover federal agent last year in December. Just this past September, he went to trial but the jury could not come up with a verdict. While the case was declared a mistrial, the artist was unable to post bail. Marley, being the friend he is, posted $300,000 worth of equity of his own home as bond.

Banton’s lawyer, David Oscar Markus, told the Associated Press that he is happy that his client is able to return to his Florida home, to prepare for his February retrial.

“We’re thrilled that Buju will have some time to regroup before we try this case again,” Markus said.

The singer’s freedom is temporary and will be restricted until he goes to trial again. He’s not allowed to leave the country until then.