*Hip-Hop veteran, Busta Rhymes, was scheduled to bring the house down in an unlikely performance at London’s Coronet on Dec. 7, but his appearance was canceled.

The rapper was actually blocked from even entering the U.K. after his temporary visa was denied. But if all goes well, he be able to go back in 2011.

This sort of thing isn’t new for Busta. In Sept. 2008, he was held at the airport upon arriving to London because immigration officials claimed he had “unresolved convictions” in the States. He eventually made it to his performance after the whole thing was cleared up.

But that’s not the end of his problems. A woman who claims he threw a glass at her while dining in restaurant in Beverly Hills, Calif. sued him for $250,000. He was also sued for copyright infringement for allegedly illegally sampling a track back in 1991.