*Cee Lo recently admitted that he has a soft spot for cats. He told reporters that his weakness is cute, cuddly felines in which he talks to. The singer claims he only has one at home that he is close with.

Here’s what he said to DJ Fearne Cotton on the UK’s Radio 1:

“I do like cats. I have a cat named Cho Cha, she’s brown and white with specks, a little grey, specs here and there.

“I do talk to them, me and my pets are pretty close. I’m not as bad as I used to be, I only have one cat now, but I used to have about 14 cats when I was young. But one is enough to handle now.”

In other Cee Lo news, news, his upcoming album, “The Lady Killer,” is a celebration of the woman. He added, “The album is, of course, about the exalt, uplift, empowerment and adore-ment of all things woman. And so, it’s just a very triumphant album in that way, it’s just my appreciation (sic).

“My record is sophisticated, cinematic, it has an orchestral approach to it. I was kind of imagining a James Bond movie, so it reminds me of a score.”

Cee Lo also said the album is inspired by: “Everyone who’s been themselves once or twice in their lives. That I can appreciate, because it takes a lot of courage.”

“Lady Killer” is due this Tuesday, November 9.