*Chelsea Handler can be a little much at times. The “comedian” dropped a bomb on pregnant “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star and attorney Phaedra Parks.

The other night, Handler criticized Bobby Brown’s former lawyer on “Chelsea Lately” for, well, being sort of oblivious to birth control. She then recommended that she get pregnant by 50 Cent. Yep, she sure did.

Handler replayed a clip of “Housewives” and ripped into Parks saying:

“Hey, moron. You’re not giving birth to a Cabbage Patch kid!” Chelsea also notes that the famed attorney is married to an ex-convict and says, “Sounds to me like she’s living the African American dream!”

The “comedian” goes on to imitate Parks’ accent and recommends that she put “50 Cent inside her” to get a “beautiful tattooed chocolate baby” and adds, “You know what I’m saying, girl?”

No, what are you sayin’?

Watch it below: