*A stem cell policy group is rounding up research foundations and state groups to unite in an online campaign advocating government funding for embryonic research and advocacy.

Genetics Policy Institute (GPI) launched the Stem Cell Action Coalition for Cures to round up supporters of embryonic stem cell research.

“The way it is designed is for our organizations, and state organizations to have an online presence so that each state organization can use that website to have the information about that state’s fight for stem cell research against unreasonable restrictions,” said GPI Executive Director Bernard Siegel.

GPI outlines its objective on its website:

“Our goal is enlist 1,000,000 people across America and the world.” Together, GPI hopes to create a “political force” to change legal, regulatory and funding structures in order to advance Stem Center Research into treatments.

“Once you have the strength of those numbers of disease groups or science groups or scientific societies behind you, suddenly you have a different sort of voice in Washington [D.C.],” Siegel explained.

Christian medical professionals approve and applaud advancement in adult stem cell research.