*Christina Aguilera will be in a new production, “Burlesque.” She will be staring as Cher’s protégé.

“It’s all about where I came from and how I grew up,” the singer said about the role. “I don’t want to go all dark on you here, but I didn’t have a good childhood. It made me want – more than anything else – to make it on my own. I never, ever want my life or my career to be dependent on anyone else … a family member, a husband, a friend or anyone. I’ve learned that I can only depend on myself.”

Hmm, was she talking about her almost ex-husband Jordan Bratman?

Speaking of relationships, there’s been talk about Aguilera doing some on set flirting with her co-star of “Burlesque,” Nicole Richie’s fiancé Joel Madden. But her people waved off any romance between the two.