*In an interview with People.com, newly-divorced singer Christina Milian says she’s in no hurry to rush into another relationship after splitting from her husband, producer The Dream.

“I’m staying single for a long time,” she told the magazine Saturday at Tao Las Vegas’s 5-year anniversary party. “There is no man in my life and I’m staying single. No dating, no nothing. I love being single.”

Milian, 29, said she hasn’t dated since leaving The Dream, and the dating world is not something she’s finds particularly familiar.

“I jump from relationship to relationship usually and this is the first time I’m comfortable with myself,” she said. “I’m learning about myself all over again. And as far as my daughter, I will never bring anyone into her life that I don’t have a real connection with. I’m going to protect her. I don’t just bring anyone into my life or her life.”

Her 8-month-old daughter with Dream, Violet Madison Nash, is “the biggest blessing of my life,” she said.  “I feel life has a meaning. Everything I do is for her now. I dedicate my life to her now. I spend every moment just thinking about whatever I pursue is going to be a part of her future. I want the best life for her… She’s the happiest, most beautiful baby.”

As for her ex, Milian’s lawyer says they have settled the terms of their divorce. “Christina Milian is pleased that she and her husband have resolved matters outside of court,” Randy Kessler tells PEOPLE. “She agreed to settle the case because the agreement was very fair and it helped avoid what would have been an ugly trial.”

Gossip site Media Take Out is claiming to have uncovered the details of their divorce. The site posted…

1- The Dream agrees NOT to try and annul the marriage.

2- Christina gets a lump sum payment of $4 million.

3- Christina will also get $5,000 a month in child support.

4- Christina will get primary custody of their daughter Violet, and grant The Dream reasonable visitation.

5- Christina will NOT be allowed to discuss publicly ANYTHING that occurred between them. Basically, she’s hardly allowed to even utter his name.