*Deitrick Haddon took some time out to talk with Gosepelcity about his debut movie “Blessed & Cursed.”

Gospelcity: Congratulations Deitrick on your debut film “Blessed & Cursed.” What inspired you to do this movie?

Deitrick Haddon: Well I can say I’ve always had a passion for movies… the arts…theatre. I’ve always wanted to get into acting. I’ve always written stories people didn’t know that.  That’s what I do when I’m not singing, performing or preaching.  You can actually tell I’m a writer when you are listening to my music.  A lot of my songs you can actually get a vision by listening to my music.  I’m a writer by nature. I believe it’s a gift from God.  About 15 years ago I had a passion during that time to go after God and seek direction for my life. You know when you get out of high school you say “What are you doing?” Should I go to college or should I do this? The bless thing is I had a Mother and Father who believed in me and said “Why don’t you stop and ask God?” I know that’s something we usually don’t tell young people. My parents told me to ask God what he wants you to do. So I actually went into prayer. The Lord told me in those prayer sessions the world would sing my songs He gives to me.  He also said “I would be able to tell my stories and do movies.” At the time I didn’t have a clue about movies but to pay my ten dollars to actually sit down and watch one.  I love movies.  I was a movie fanatic but for me doing a movie myself. That was way far fetch for me at the time. That’s why I knew I had a passion for music. The music just took off.  Everything God said to me happened. People started singing my songs down through the years. It’s what has sustained me.  I never lost the fact God did speak to me and tell me about movies and tell me I’ll be able to tell my stories.  So I would write a lot of stories. I have drawers of stories and things God would give me.  Every time He would give a story to me I would stop and write it down.  Movies are the beginnings of the next phase of what I’m suppose to do.

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