*Holy hip-hop or gospel rap has emerged onto the scene as a genre of music that ignites some church goers and attracts the youth.

However, is the creation of this genre philosophically corrupting the doctrine of the black Christian?

I view this new era of music as the tail wagging the dog and not the dog wagging the tail. Why would I see it this way? The church should be the independent leader of the community who is convicted in what it believes instead of some accommodating a class of people for the sake of a large membership.

You see, I believe the dog should be in control of his tail and not the tail in control of the dog. Secular society and those working against the building of God’s Kingdom is not the dog. It’s the tail. Saying this, even though hip-hop was not created to be a devil worshipping model, it was also not created to build God’s Kingdom. So what does all of this mean?

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