The Banjo Boyz

*Southern hospitality with a caffeine jolt best describes “Country Hip-Hop.’

The Banjo Boyz delivered this latest mash of genres with a live performance on Oct. 27 at the Cat Club on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood.

Ice buckets of Red Bull, bottles of Jack Daniels and stacks of plastic cups added to the kickback ambiance as the talented band brought their unique energies to a standing-room-only mid-week audience.

Producer, songwriter Damon Elliott took the stage with washboard in hand, a big hint that this was going to be something different. Damon has produced music for artists that range from Willie Nelson to Bone Thugs N Harmony.

There were some knee-slapping fast paced country tunes peppered with some standards like “Sweet Home Alabama.”

Just when you were getting into the country groove, Damon seamlessly mixed in some hip-hop rhythm and rhyme.

Lawrence Breaux, drums; Justin Derrico, guitar and mandolin; Dan “Pigpen” Amsden, guitar and banjo; and “Smokey B,” guitar, brought an infectious high energy that lingered in the club long after they left the stage.

The Banjo Boyz’ popular single “Trouble” will release at the top of the year with the full album dropping in late spring.

The band will be on tour, starting in Las Vegas, with an appearance on local Fox affiliate (Channel 5) on Nov 12.

In the meantime, get into some ‘Trouble” at

Watch the Banjo Boyz perform live: