*Eve is getting ready to debut her fourth album, “Lip Lock.” Eve has been through a lot lately with changing labels and other delays, but finally she is going to get her music to her fans.

“I been saying my album was coming and it was, but I left Interscope and now, I’m on EMI so the album is definitely coming at the top of the year,” the Philly native told Ms. Drama TV. “It’s called ‘Lip Lock,’ it’ll be out at the top of the year in March. I don’t have a date yet.”

In the album, fans can expect beats by Salaam Remi, Akon, and producer Swizz Beatz. She also hinted that there may be some Ruff Ryder material.

“You don’t get out of Ruff Ryders,” she joked with TheBoomBox.com. “Obviously, that’s my fam, and I haven’t wrapped up the album yet, but you’ll hear stuff from somebody.”

“Lip Lock” has been holding out since 2007 and is now ready to break loose.