*For the second time in Oprah show history, every member of her studio audience received a brand new car.

On day two of her two-part “Oprah’s Favorite Things” promotion, which aired Monday, Winfrey announced that her final giveaway is a 2012 Volkswagen Beetle to all 275 members of her audience.

The car was revealed in silhouette because its official debut won’t be until spring 2011. Pricing for the car has also not been announced.  VW said the vehicle is scheduled to go on sale the following fall.

Winfrey owns and drives a New Beetle and approached the automaker to arrange giving away the cars on her show, VW said in an announcement.

Volkswagen donated all the cars, plus money to cover taxes and fees for all of the audience members, the automaker said.

In 2004, Winfrey gave 276 Pontiac G6 cars to her audience. That time audience members were able to go out to the parking lot and inspect their cars immediately.