*Former NBA player John Amaechi has been active in the gay community working with Amnesty International, speaking out for gay rights after he announced that he was gay in 2007.

Amaechi is considering legal action against a gay bar called “Crunch” in Manchester, England’s gay village neighborhood. Amaechi said the doorman at the venue told him he was “big, black and could be trouble” and wouldn’t let him in the bar.

“I want an explanation of what happened – a real true explanation – and an apology, and they have not in any way been forthcoming with that,” Amaechi told the BBC. “I think when you go to the village or when you go to any venue in a progressive city like Manchester, there shouldn’t be a policy on the door that says the way that you look means you shouldn’t be able to get in to a venue. I’m going to pursue this through all the channels I have because, when there are issues of bigotry, we should pursue them very strongly.”

The club manager, Matt Taylor said that his staff never made any racial comments however.

“Whilst I understand it is upsetting to be turned away from a venue when on a night out, to justify a refusal of entry by provoking a racist debate is completely uncalled for,” Taylor said. “Following a discussion with the staff that were present at the time, we are satisfied that there was neither racism shown nor bigoted comments made as suggested. Crunch is a large venue in the gay village employing people of all different groups: white, black, gay, straight and more – we do not discriminate on any grounds. These allegations are outrageous and completely unfounded.”