*Monday night in Hollywood, actor Lester Speight was seen on the red carpet for thye new action, thriller filick “Faster” starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and  Billy Bob Thornton. Speight plays a pivotal role as “Baphomet” a heartless gangster. “Faster” opens in theaters today.

Best known for his comedic role as the “Office Linebacker Terry Tate” in a series of Super bowl Commercials and as Calvin on the Wayans hit comedy show “My Wife & Kids”, Speight like many other comedic actors in recent years decided to try his chops at more serious roles and to his surprise he has landed nearly every serious role he has auditioned for.

In December, Speight does it again as the voice of “Augustus Cole” in one of the bestselling video games “Gears of Wars 3.” Next up, he will play the role of “Hardcore Eddie” in the highly anticipated and biggest budget films of all times “Transformers III.” Get more info on Lester Speight here.