Director George Tillman Jr. confers with Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson on set of 'Faster'

*We’re sure you have seen all the trailers for “Faster” by now, haven’t you? Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson running around kicking ass and looking mad as hell.

If you like action films and beefy brothers with vendettas then this film is for you. It stars The Rock, of course, as well as Billy Bob Thornton, Mike Epps and others. But you may not have known it was directed by George Tillman, Jr.

His credits include “Men of Honor,” “Soul Food” and “Notorious,”, and if you don’t know now ya know! happened upon the man who put the film’s visionary plan together. We asked Tillman what he thought of the film’s title.

“I look at it as we have 3 guys; the driver’s trying to kill, killers trying to stop him and the cop that’s trying to stop them both,” he explained. “All these guys are so fast in trying to accomplish their mission that they don’t think about all the consequences. The driver (The Rock) doesn’t stop to think that he’s killing people that have families, the cop (Billy Bob Thornton) doesn’t realize that he’s loosing his family and the killer (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) doesn’t realize that he may loose his woman. They’re moving so fast to get to a certain point that they don’t realize their circumstances. That’s what the movie means to me. So, it’s not just an action movie. It also has a lot of character.”

Tillman oversees set up of scene with Billy Bob Thornton (with gun)

Though the title of “Faster” would lead one to believe the movie is all about cars, Tillman says the scenery and locations gave it a western feel. But that western feel is what makes “Faster” so cool!

“For me the movie was almost like an old school western. We look at a movie like ‘The Good, The Bad and the Ugly’ by Sergio Leoni, with us you’ve got “Driver,” “Cop,” and “Killer.” We’re out there shooting in the desert at a lot of locations: Palmdale, Lancaster (and even San Pedro by the ocean). We were all around and I felt like we hadn’t seen that kind of location in a long time. That’s what makes the movie feel kind of fresh. We just felt like Here’s the best location we could find to do a lot of those car chases, and a lot of those fast sequences that we had.”

This movie has the potential to be one of those classic tough guy films, which is kind of hard to believe when you consider the fact that George had never done this kind of film before.

“I wanted to try something different after ‘Soul Food’, ‘Men of Honor’ and ‘Notorious’ and I felt like I doing the same thing in the genre,” Tillman told our Lee Bailey. “‘Soul Food’ and ‘Men of Honor’ were all about family to a certain degree. I had to get it so I chased the (CBS Films) studio execs down, gave them the best presentation that I could. I worked hard to get it and I really feel like it paid off.”

You got that right George, “Faster” is the da bomb diggety! You did an excellent job.

Besides The Rock, Thornton and Jackson-Cohen, the film also stars Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and Mike Epps. It opens this Wednesday, Nov 24.