Google CEO Eric Schmidt

*Everyone wants to hear they’re getting a raise, but in due time said Google execs.  But nooooooooooooo, someone just couldn’t wait to tell the good news.  He was going to ruin it for everybody but ended up ruining it for himself.  His actions of leaking an executive memo to everyone in the company that they were receiving 10 percent raises was his last action performed at the company.  They were not lenient with him AT ALL.

The Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, must really like surprises.  The employees of Google must’ve been relieved by getting the news because they had seen some major cuts from the staff and was probably wondering if there were more to come.  Sadly enough though, the man who leaked the memo was thrown to the street.  C’mon Son! He simply wanted to share the good news!  Well, we’re going to write our own memo.  Note to self: If ever employed by Google…don’t…ever…ruin…the…surprise.

Read here for the full report and statements from the company.