*The death toll from an outbreak of cholera in Haiti has now risen to more than 500.

The health ministry says its latest figures show the death toll has risen to 501 from 442 three days ago.

The number of people admitted to hospital with the waterborne disease is also up from 6,742 to 7,359.

Aid workers fear the two-week-old cholera epidemic could escalate because of floodwaters caused by Hurricane Tomas.

The storm has largely spared the crowded camps housing more than 1 million people from January’s earthquake.

But relief agencies are rushing clean drinking water and food to areas affected by the floods.

Buenaventura Sanchez, a Cuban doctor working in the area where cholera first broke out, says the storm has already made the epidemic worse.

“The situation here after the storm has worsened,” he said.

“We have a higher number of cases. Right now we are seeing higher numbers of patients than in the days before.

“We’re [also] seeing cases of cholera with typhoid fever at the same time.”