*Jimmy McMillan’s 15 minutes of fame has managed to squeeze in two new projects: a new gig as spokesman for an online auction site, and a new album due tomorrow on iTunes.

After becoming a YouTube sensation for representing “The Rent is Too Damn High” party in New York’s gubernatorial race, McMillan was recruited to shoot a commercial for the auction site BidHere.

“The Rent is Too Damn High movement, the people I’m here to represent, can’t afford to pay full price for digital cameras!” he yells at the camera, while shaking his trademark black-gloved fists.

McMillan was reportedly paid $10,000 for the spot. [Watch below.]

Rent is Too Damn High CD cover

And if that wasn’t enough…

Tomorrow iTunes and other digital platforms will begin selling “The Rent Is Too Damn High”…the album.

On one of the leaked tracks, titled “What Is This?” McMillan bemoans the living conditions in apartments throughout the heart of the city:

What is this, falling off the ceiling and the wall?
What is this, dropping in all in the hall?
Hear the rats running through the ceiling at night
Mr. Landlord, this ain’t right