*Kanye West actually hired a professional media coach before his disastrous appearance on the “Today” show, the New York Post and New York Times report, citing sources.

When George W. Bush revealed the “worst” moment of his presidency was when the rapper said he doesn’t care about black people, West turned to Rubenstein Communications to determine how to respond.

West’s advisers booked the interview on the Today show Monday, but then Rubenstein suggested canceling the appearance Tuesday because the former president did not say enough to warrant a response.

But West then re-booked his appearance, and his rep from Rubenstein had to rush to the studio to meet him. They practiced how to respond to the questions before going on air, but West still lost his cool when Matt Lauer played a clip of his infamous 2009 MTV VMA ambush of Taylor Swift.

“I didn’t need you guys to prompt my emotions,” West snapped to Lauer. “I don’t need all the jazz.”

As previously reported, West later took to Twitter to criticize the interview [watch below] — and then cancelled his Nov. 26 “Today” show concert.