*On MTV’s “When I Was 17,” actress Kerry Washington discusses the important role she played in her earlier years of educating audiences about condom use.

“I had this great job with a theater company called Star Theater,” she recalled on the latest episode of the show. “We would go into schools and community centers, and we’d do this show about issues like sex and drugs.”

She showed other teens how to put on condoms, using a banana in her demonstrations. The budding actress picked up a reputation as a teacher always armed for a lesson.

“Anytime anyone needed to know how to put a condom on, she would just pull out a banana and a condom and do a demonstration,” Washington’s pal Allison adds. “She was a sex-pert.”

“I was kind of known, amongst my friends, as ‘the condom lady,’ ” Washington says. “Because of my job, I always had condoms and dental dams and pamphlets.”

Washington is proud of her teaching career, educating you people about sex-ed.

“I did my job saving lives when I was 17,” she says in the interview.

Check out the episode Saturday at 11 a.m. on MTV.