*It seems as if Lil Kim is a little bitter about a certain someone she believes is jocking her style. We all know she and her “protégé” Nicki Minaj have been striking blows at one another for some time now. But most recently, Kim called out the Young Money rapper during a performance at a nightclub in Queens.

“I got more love from Queens than this bitch do!” Kim exclaimed, receiving a wild cheer from the crowd, despite being in her adversary’s hood. “I will erase this bitch’s social security number! First of all, I don’t even need a record right now, I’ll kill that bitch with my old s—!”

She continued, “I don’t never let nothing take me off my grind. As always, steady mobbin’,” Kim shouted. “Money over these bum-ass b–ches.”


Watch it below and keep in mind that it could be considered NSFW: