Monica Cost

*Bridalplasty?! Really? I recently saw a preview for this show where brides-to-be are competing for the ultimate dream wedding and the ultimate “dream,” and surgically altered body. Where are we going with this folks? Let’s hurry and get there if there is a larger and more substantive point to all of this. Otherwise, we’re perpetuating “Living in the Land of Make Believe.” When are you enough? Do you want to live your most truthful and authentic life filled with the not-so-perfect, but ever so fulfilling journey that is unique to you or to put a plastic covering over yourself and mold you into the current trend?

The point as it stands, is to sell you on “who you could be” if you have surgery, a weave in, tattoo in the brows and suck out the excess. We rush to the result without a process. We want to feel better inside and not look inward, lose weight and not exercise, be famous like Jay Z and not make the sacrifices, have expensive things and not earn them. Although we look to the entertainment world to escape our own realities, they have the same human experiences that we do, good and bad. Celebrities like Fantasia, Mo’Nique, Kirstie Alley, Oprah and yes even Halle Berry, have all experienced fame and success, while also suffering from issues around not feeling good enough.

To address that feeling, some get a snip here and tuck there, breast implants, nose jobs, botox, liposuction, lap bands and more. The problem with this is that it begins a cycle of false correction; where individuals are looking to attain some level of perfection that doesn’t exist. The “in” look changes frequently. There is no way to keep up, despite continuing to fill your body with plastics, saline and other solutions. How will you know when it is enough?

Sure, it feels good to, look good, be a VIP, have the hottest designer label, be in shape and walk the red carpet. I’ve been drinking the same kool-aid you have. Fine, feel good about all of these things and don’t feel bad when you don’t have them. Consider all of that as gravy. It is not the substance of your life. No matter what, looks will surely fade and we should attempt to ensure that our opportunities come from hard work and effort . . . and an occasional dose of divine intervention is always welcomed. This way my life’s journey and pouring positively into the lives of others will be my legacy. Besides that altering my looks surgically won’t work since I’m a complete chicken when it comes to needles. If you don’t believe me, I had two children without medication because they showed me the epidural needle in the birthing class.

When are you enough? When is it enough?

Monica Cost is communications strategist, brand manager and respected corporate and motivational speaker. She is the President and Founder of Evidently Assured, a brand & talent management firm.  Email her at:  [email protected]. Follow her via Twitter: @monicacost and