*Motown legend Martha Reeves says she refuses to listen to any modern music because the lyrics are offensive and promote “lawlessness” among young people.

The singer, who enjoyed a string of hits with the Vandellas in the 1960s, is convinced negative content in songs causes problems among today’s kids.

“As musicians we have concerns about social factors and involve ourselves in community. There’s lawlessness in society now because of the content of lyrics – they have somehow slipped past the net,” she told WENN. “We didn’t have to send our children out of the room when we were with Motown. Our songs have always been about love, happiness, joy and partying.”

Reeves is adamant the current crop of chart-topping tracks lack soul because they rely too much on production.

“I’m not listening to any new music because it’s not made by musicians,” she said. “Songs now are all technically made but back then we had a band that was used for everybody’s recording – they could play to anyone’s style so everybody’s sound was distinct. They had learned their profession and could make the music stand out.

Below: Martha Reeves and the Vandellas back in the day…