*It seems Melanie Brown AKA Mel B’s got some ‘splainin’ to do.

Brown, the former Spice Girl and Eddie Murphy baby mama, who is now married to Stephen Belafonte, was photographed sitting on the lap British actor Tamer Hassan (see below) at the May Fair hotel in London earlier this week. Belafonte, meanwhile, was back in LA babysitting the kids.

Hassan, who’s also married and Brown were reportedly “being very intimate” throughout the evening, according to The Sun, a British rag.

“Mel’s behavior was not what you’d expect from a married woman. Tamer was lapping it up and who can blame him?,” s source told the publication.

However, a statement from Brown’s camp basically said to not believe your eyes; it was all about old friends hooking up for business:

“She was having a business meeting at the hotel. Tamer was also staying there and came over to say hello. They have been friends for 15 years and chatted. It’s nothing more than that.”