*Monica may be a little shaken up after a stalker forced her to end her Twitter account.

Last month the singer, who’s engaged to LA Lakers guard Shannon Brown, suspended her Twitter account but never explained until now.

Initially it was believed she left the service because she was being bombarded with tweets from haters.

“I quit Twitter for a way deeper reason,” Monica said during an interview with The Big Tigger Morning Show on Washington D.C.’s WPGC 95.5. “At first we couldn’t really talk about it, but we had a way more serious situation than just somebody saying something on Twitter, and legally we couldn’t really talk about it at the time. It was just suggested. OK, come off Twitter, find out who some of these people are. It was not anybody on Twitter. It was someone keeping up with me through Twitter. It’s been going on for years, way before Twitter, but they were using Twitter to keep up with me.”

“Some people thought it was something that someone said to me on Twitter,” she continued. “It was absolutely nothing like that. People have talked about and been cruel toward me, and every other artist, long before Twitter came about, so it would never be something as simple as something that somebody said.”

So now she limited who can see her Twitter messages to her over 400,000 followers.