Darryl 'Mac Jones' Christmas (left) and Kenneth 'Baby Boy' Robinson are among four alleged members of the Nine Trey Bloods being tried under tight security in a Fulton County courtroom. (Photo: Phil Skinner, AJC)

*The long weekend of terror started brazenly: Nine Trey Blood members rolled up to a home, leapt onto the front porch and stabbed two men after one refused to let his girlfriend leave with the group.

Then it grew horrific: A reluctant Blood, thinking about cutting his ties to the crew, was executed two days later, along with a teenage sidekick, in a disciplinary ritual at an Atlanta park.

When the dead man’s girlfriend had the temerity to make inquiries into his well-being, they came to her home and shot dead her 17-year-old son while he cowered in his closet. Their dog, Princess, was also killed. The woman survived the Oct. 6, 2008, attack only because the gun, aimed at her face, jammed.

The sheer lawlessness of the spree stunned law enforcement officials and prompted prosecutors and police to step up their efforts to confront a growing gang presence in metro Atlanta. At the time, Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard called the attacks a wake-up call.

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