*A suspect was taken into custody earlier this month for the 2004 shooting murder of Robert “Screw” Montanez, Akon’s road manager.

Almalik Ward, 34, is the alleged shooter.

Montanez was killed after attempting to prevent Ward from robbing rapper Capone outside of a bar in New Jersey.

“It was about 5 of us in front of the spot,” Rodini Almonacy, witness and publisher of Promo Mag, told AllHipHop.com after the shooting. “We were discussing putting Capone in the magazine. This guy went through us and tugged on Capone’s chain. Capone said, ‘You got one more time to touch my chain.’ The guy was like ‘What?’ That’s when Screw came in between them.” Montanez was shot two times in the chest.

An investigation had been underway, but it wasn’t until now that witnesses finally came forward to identify the killer. Ward’s bail has been set at $1 million.