*”Go to school and stay in school. Ladies, don’t depend on a man for anything. Get your own!” These were the parting words of advice from Trinidad-born rapper Nicki Minaj to her young fans as she ended her first ever performance in the country of her birth.

The concert, tagged “The Localize It Concert” was held at the country’s national stadium (Hasely Crawford Stadium) and featured the biggest names in Trinidadian Music.

Minaj delivered an energetic set comprised of her most popular features as well as the two lead singles from her forthcoming album, “Pink Friday.”

Outfitted with a blonde wig and a Barbie doll dress with red leggings below, the 25-year-old singer performed for 45 minutes and spent an extra 20 minutes on stage interacting with the crowd after she performed all of her material.

“This is the most emotional show I’ve ever had to do,” Nicki said. “I don’t even know how I’m holding up. It’s been a long time coming back here and you guys have treated me so beautifully, I really couldn’t ask for anything more”.

Nicki came onstage with her entire Trinidad family after reuniting with them the previous day.

The rapper later told the crowd that she did not know how to wine (a dance Trinidadians do involving the gyrating of the hips), and subsequently invited several patrons from the crowd onstage to show her how to ‘wine like a Trini’.

Nicki further stated that she has never been to Trinidad for Carnival and is thinking about coming back for Carnival 2011, as she felt loved and welcomed.

Nicki left Trinidad when she was 5 years old and has since returned only once (seven years ago) for a funeral of a family member.

Story courtesy boomchampionstt.com (Contributing Writers: Krystal George/Gregory Mc Burnie)