*Nicole Richie took out a restraining order against a photographer who she claims has been stalking her daughter Harlow at her preschool, TMZ reports.

This photo below — taken by Nicole, according to TMZ — was attached to legal papers filed in support of the restraining order, showing Fabricio Luis Mariotto lurking at Harlow’s preschool.

Nicole says in her petition for the restraining order, “[Mariotto] drives erratically around my children and others, yells, screams and attempts to scare us so that he can photograph our reaction.  He trespasses on preschool property to photograph the children.”

Nicole adds, “He has often left his car in the middle of a busy street just to chase me for a photograph.”

Nicole, who did not show up in court but was represented by Tamar Arminak from Mark Geragos’ law firm, adds, “His predatory behavior caused and continues to cause severe emotional distress as I fear for the safety of my children.”

The temporary restraining order requires Mariotto to stay 100 yards away from Nicole, Harlow, Sparrow and Joel Madden, as well as the preschool, TMZ reports.

In other Nicole Richie news, the celebutante has reportedly signed a deal with ABC to star in a scripted comedy about a professional working mother.

The actress came up with the initial idea for the show herself, and will serve as a producer, along with her manager Michael Baum, reports Deadline.com.