*Newly engaged Niecy Nash tells People.com she knows exactly what she wants on her wedding day – and it has nothing to do with the dress, the location or the food.

“The only thing I know I really want is to marry that guy,” Nash told the website, pointing to her electrical-engineer fiancé Jay Tucker, at CAAF’s 17th Annual Dream Halloween Party on Saturday.

Actually, the Emmy-winning Style Network host, 40, does have another detail sorted out: She has picked her bridesmaids.

“I know the ladies that I want standing up there with me. One of my bridesmaids is coming down here [now],” she said, referring to Sherri Shepherd, who also attended the event in Santa Monica. Nash jokingly continued: “When you see Sherri Shepherd from ‘The View,’ ask her if she’s lost any weight for my wedding.”

Beyond that, the former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant hasn’t made any other wedding plans. “Falling in love was easy,” she says. “Planning a wedding, not so much.”

For now. the couple are just happy being engaged and enjoying time together. “You know, when I wake up in the morning, every time I see him – and I’m not kidding – every time I see him, I dance,” Nash said, which Tucker later confirmed.

The groom-to-be also had compliments to dish about his future wife. “She’s really warm and genuine and funny and beautiful and all those things,” Tucker said. “I’ve gotten a preview of that dating her and being engaged to her, so I’m looking forward to that for about 45 years.”