*It seems we was snookered! Someone sent us a link to what they said was a new Nike ad featuring Michael Jordan responding to LeBron James’ now infamous “What Shall I Do” advert.

We thought it was strange that Nike would create such an advert and that MJ would participate, but hey, we’ve come to expect the unexpected from Nike and we know that Mr. Jordan is not shy about speaking his mind. So when MJ says “Maybe You’re Just Making Excuses,” we was hooked.

Actually, if it hadn’t been for feedbacker SoopDawg1, who put his digital foot up our digital arse (see his comment below), we wouldn’t be making this mea cupla. Yes SoopDawg1, we should have followed our intuition and did some research before we originally posted the piece giving the impression that it was a new ad from Nike.

OK, it’s a bit late but here’s what we found out. A while ago, Jordan shot a Nike ad in which he says, “Maybe it’s my fault” that people thought they could Be Like Mike without working hard, blah blah blah.

Well, a very creative (and maybe mischievous) YouTube user/member who goes by RawSports330 noticed that some of Jordan’s comments fit quite well in LeBron’s ad and did a mash up of the two. Wow, was he ever right.

Yes, it’s bogus, but it’s brilliant. Watch: