*Jay-Z and Oprah will be making their way to Australia for a star studded 8-day trip. Oprah is treating 300 of her fans to an all-expense paid adventure to Oz, where they will be joined by Aussie actors Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, and New York native, Jay-Z who will be performing on her show at the Sydney Opera House.

The BoomBox.com reported that although Oprah has been a vocal critic of rap music and the perceived negative influence it has on its audience, she struck up a surprising friendship with Jay last year, after traveling to Marcy projects with him as part of a segment on her show.

Since then, the two have built a strong relationship, with Jay recently referring to her as a personal friend, who inspired him to write his memoir.

“Oprah was a big reason I wrote this book,” he said. “We had conversations about language and the ‘N word,’ and while we didn’t agree, we left that conversation with a better understanding.”

Jay will also be a part of an Australian tour with U2.