*Oprah Winfrey gave Cisco’s soon-to-be-released Umi Telepresence some face time on her show Wednesday when she used the video-chatting device to connect her with friends that she met during a visit to Yosemite National Park.

The talk show host, who made Skype chats popular during her show last season, demonstrated Cisco’s soon-to-be-released $599 system on Wednesday’s episode as part of a marketing agreement.

The use of Umi — designed to connect family and friends in HD video — will be used again in future episodes as part of a marketing agreement with “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” according to the Hollywood Reporter. Cisco declined to comment on the terms of the deal.

The Umi system, which includes an HD camera, console and remote, connects to an existing HD television and a broadband Internet connection. Features include the ability to make calls and access video messages. Users can record their own videos, which they can share on Facebook, YouTube or via e-mail.

The pricing will be a consideration. When Umi hits the market Nov. 14, it will cost $599 plus a monthly fee of $24.99 for unlimited Umi calls, video messaging and video storage.

As part of the rollout, a Umi mall tour with product demonstrations begins Nov. 10, and an unscripted national advertising campaign featuring actress Ellen Page using Umi launches Nov. 15.