Ginuwine looks on as filming unfolds

*Ginuwine takes a different approach in his new video than the usual bare-chested, highly sexual material people are used to seeing.

Ginuwine's love interest, played by Malinda Williams, stands at the alter with her new man

Photos from his new single “What We Could Have Been” have surfaced the Internet, which includes the beautiful Malinda Williams from Daddy’s Little Girls and Soul Food as his love interest. Basically the story of the video is Ginuwine finding his way back to his ex-girlfriend at the most inconvenient time – her wedding. The video will premiere on major online and video outlets on November 8th.

Ginuwine cries out for the bride in front of the wedding

Ginuwine stands in the beautiful backdrop of the church his ex's wedding

The bride appears emotionally touched by Ginuwine's effort to keep her unwed

“What Could Have Been” is the first hit single off Ginuwine’s new album Elgin which is set to release right before Valentine’s Day. The single has been climbing the charts, sitting at #35 on the BDS radio charts.