*Former president George W. Bush is scheduled to make an appearance at Saddleback Church in Southern California tonight, Monday, at 7pm (Pacific)  for an interview with Pastor Rick Warren.

The event, which will focus on leadership and service, is sold out but is being made available to view live online (www.saddlebackcivilforum.com).

“The forum will include a personal conversation between Pastor Rick and President Bush,” David Chrzan, Warren’s chief of staff, told The Orange County Register. “The goal is to create a forum where the community around Saddleback Church can hear from speakers who are great leaders and those who have positively impacted humanity.”

Bush was recently on a book tour for his memoir Decision Points. In it, he discusses candidly how he came to make the decisions he did while in the White House.

The purpose of the book, Bush has said, is not to change perceptions but rather to provide data points for future historians and place the reader in the environment in which he had to make decisions.

His visit to Warren’s megachurch on Monday comes in the middle of the renowned pastor’s “Decade of Destiny” campaign. Since last month, Warren has been positioning the 30-year-old church for a decade of expansion, enhanced operations and blessings.

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