*Rihanna has shown off her sexy legs and model physique in some skimpy clothing, but she won’t go nude, at least not for a dollar. She recently stated that she’s turned down several offers to pose for the cover Playboy Magazine.

She told New York’s Hot 97 audiences on Tuesday her interesting bit of news, “I got a few offers to do Playboy actually. They want to pay you to be naked on the cover.”

She then added, “If I’m gonna take my clothes off, it has to be in a classy way and my will, not a check. I wouldn’t take any money to do that.”

In other news, the red headed singer also shared her thoughts about some interesting rumors and dating on The Ed Lover Morning Show.

In regards to Drake saying she made him feel like a “pawn” she said, “I would definitely say, that was wrong, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. We just became friends and we left it at that. We get along really well. Drake has a youthful thing about him and he is very melodic with the way he writes and I felt I needed someone like that for ‘What’s My Name.'”

She said the rumor about her and L.A. Laker Andrew Bynum dating was quite hilarious. She said, “Dating (LA Laker) Andrew Bynum. Datewise? I just couldn’t believe they insulted me like that. No, I’m just kidding, he is just not my type.”

The most hurtful rumor she ever heard was the one about her lip.

“I have a scar on my lip and they turned it into an STD rumor. To see that they turned it into that, really hurt.”

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