*Sony Music is disputing claims from Katherine Jackson and two of Michael Jackson’s children that some tracks on the upcoming album from their late father are fake.

As previously reported, Sony and the Jackson Estate are releasing the new album “Michael” on Dec. 14, featuring recently completed tracks that the King of Pop had recorded before his death last year.

One of the tracks in question, “Breaking News,” was recorded in 2007 at the New Jersey home of Eddie Cascio, according to TMZ.com.  Jackson and his kids lived in the house for four months while Michael was recording.

“We’re told Prince, Paris and Katherine now believe the Cascio tracks are fake — not Michael’s voice,” TMZ stated. “But Sony has done a bunch of voice authentications, and the record company is convinced it’s the real deal.  The full song will be on the MJ website for one week, beginning Monday.

According to TMZ, three tracks recorded at the Cascio house will be included on the full album.