*Action star Sylvester Stallone sent out the following tweet yesterday to remind his followers to vote.

“I voted did you? Gotta get the Manchurian Candidate out of the driver’s seat before were ALL soaring off a cliff into Oblivion… Be smart.”

Needless to say, that tweet has made headlines this morning for its reference to the famous 1962 film.

“The Manchurian Candidate was a movie about fake president who was put there by foreign enemies to destroy America. Scary concept. Rise up!” Stallone stated in a follow-up tweet moments later, after  some of his 101,060 followers weighed in.

Despite, the tweet’s reference to a “president” Stallone told The Hollywood Reporter that his tweet was “in the spirit of creating a conversation” and that “Manchurian candidate” was “a reference to all career politicians.”

In 2004, the “Manchurian Candidate” was remade with Denzel Washington and Jeffrey Wright in the leads.