*This weekend may be a time to relax away from the job, but Sugar Shane Mosley will be out and about for a good cause.

The famed pugilist will be among those enjoying a “Night of Giving,” a charity event organized by Mosley’s sister. The event, which takes place from 7 p.m. to midnight Saturday (11/20) in Pomona, Calif., is expected to attract various celebrities and feature giveaways and other happenings.

Proceeds from the Night of Giving will go to the Diamonds Love Foundation, a new organization which provides support to community-based organizations that promote education, physical and mental health, fitness and nutrition and improves the quality of life for the community.

While attendees will be on hand for support and a good time, the “Night of Giving” strikes a personal nerve for the former WBA Welterweight Super champion, who revealed the motivation behind the creation of the foundation.

“It’s named after my late nephew [Diamond Johnson], who (died) in a car accident at a very young age,” Mosley shared with EUR’s Lee Bailey as he reminisced over the incident that ended the life of the young boy and its effect on him. “This is a nephew that passed away, like maybe 20 years ago with me being the driver … the car turned over several times and suffocated him underneath (the car).

“It was very traumatic. I mean for at least 10 years of sorrow,” the sportsman continued. “Diamond was a real close nephew of mine that basically was always around me all the time. I was kind of like the big brother, the big uncle if you will, that watched him all the time.”

Despite the weight of Diamond’s death, Mosley didn’t leave the ring; he ultimately turned his grief into a positive by using his sadness as a spark to make his mark as a boxer and create the Diamonds Love Foundation, a consistent reminder to keep his nephew’s memory alive.

“I really didn’t stop fighting. I kind of used that as fuel to help me become, I guess, who I am today,” he said. “The Foundation is meant to help young kids and challenge kids and be something that helps the name live on.”

With his charitable efforts, Mosley is satisfied with using his fame for positive endeavors. But it’s the athlete’s ability in the boxing ring that has provided for him, with a list of accomplishments that includes championships in three weight divisions and memorable bouts against Oscar De la Hoya, Floyd Mayweather and Antonio Margarito, among others.

Still, there is one person who has stirred up a renewed desire for Mosley to step into the ring again. So much so he has already taken steps to make a dream match that has the potential to generate talk among boxing fans as well as a big payday for those involved.

“We’re looking to fight with Manny Pacquiao. He just won a big fight against Margarito, who I hold a victory over as well.  We’re in negotiations, talking,” stated the boxing great, who feels that Mayweather could be the only person standing in the way of making his dream a reality. “If Mayweather doesn’t come back to fight, it will probably be me that’s fighting Manny Pacquiao. I’m looking forward to, you know, stepping to the challenge”

Whether or not Mayweather and Pacquiao square off remains to be seen. In the meanwhile, Mosley is confident a match with himself and Pacquiao will happen.

“It’s a pretty good chance,” he said. “I’ve talked to Pacquiao’s people. I know Pacquiao personally. So I’m pretty sure there will be no problems with that.”

Although fighting a friend could pose a series of problem, Mosley is not bothered. In fact, he equates the contest to being strictly business with an emphasis on the mental aspect of approaching his opponent.

“It’s all about competition and being competitive,” said Mosley. “If you play somebody in checkers, say your son or whoever, you want to win. You then try to win and try to beat the person just because you feel like you want to win.

“With me, it’s the same thing,” the boxer continued. “It’s not being angry at a fighter or anything. It’s more about the competition, the sport of it and being the best. And that’s what I love, the challenge in being the best … it’s really the mental aspect of it. There’s a lot of mental that plays a part in it. There’s the crowd, the screaming, the yelling when you go into the arena. All the hype and the anticipation. I mean there is a lot of mental pressure that is put on a fighter. Especially with things of that magnitude. So you have to really be in tune with yourself.

With knowing yourself comes Mosley’s realization that all things must come to an end. But not before one last set of matches to end his boxing career on a personal and professional high note.

“It will probably end maybe after three or four more fights,” the athlete stated as he mentioned Pacquiao, Cotto, [Antonio] Margarito and “maybe Mayweather again” as the fighters he would like to help him say goodbye to boxing. “I told Mayweather I didn’t fight my best fight and I would like another shot at him. So those three or four fights and I can walk off into the sunset and just go on promoting fights after that.”

Those interested in keeping up with Mosley can follow the boxer on Twitter at @sugarshanem. According to the athlete, the popular social website is ideal in setting the record straight by directly answering fan questions.  

“I just like the real time and talking to my fans and telling them the truth, telling what’s really going on. A lot of times, (the) media write different things or say different things and I correct them on twitter,” Mosley commented. “People ask me ‘Shane, did this happen or did that happen?’ and I say ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ I can correct them and give them the truth and not the half truth.

For tickets or to make a donation to the Diamonds Love Foundation “Night of Giving,” call 909-374-9758.