*It hasn’t even been a month since T.I. has had to go back behind bars and it sounds like he’s already gone stir crazy. The dirty south rapper is reaching out to his fans from behind bars with a new blog post on his Trapmuzik.com website.

T.I., currently serving an 11 month prison sentence in Arkansas for parole violation, posted his thoughts online expressing his grief with his incarceration.

He calls his sentence a “real a** whoopin” and wishes he could’ve spent consecutive years behind bars instead of the frequent trips in and out of jail for the last 15 years:

“This experience is truly a pain I have never felt before and that’s saying a lot for a n*gga who’s been down locked up as many times as I have. I see this as a real a** whoopin’. The kind you don’t just go back outside to play afterwards.

You take ya a**to bed and don’t come out of your room until it’s time to go to school. I don’ t know what effect this will have on my life moving forward but I’m certainly sick and mother f*cking tired of going to jail, juve, prison, the pen, correctional facilities or whatever else you want to call it.

I’d have been better off doing a 5-10 year bid one time than going in time and time again for days, weeks and months for the last 15 years of my life. Even though it’s been a long road, I’m still standing, barely but nevertheless still standing.”

He also added this bit of introspection:

“At one time I thought my motivation for continuing was for my fans, my partna Philant, my pops, my grandmama, even for the haters or the people I let down. But nah… I got to do this sh*t for me!!! I’ll be God damned if I’ve come all this way and made it through so much hell to let it go down like this! F*ck that! If an hour in the dark is worth a second in the sun then pass me my mother f*ckin’ shades cause I’m ready to cash my darkest hours in…ASAP!!!”