*K-Ci and JoJo, while riding the success of their reality show “K-Ci and JoJo Come Clean” on TV One, are doing concert dates that brought them to the Nokia LA Live night-club – where I was blessed to be in attendance. The platinum duo had my hometown babies Dru Hill headlining with them.

The result was a hot show from the beginning when Dru brought the audience to their feet after the first song – with their unbelievable vocal harmony and power – to the end when K-Ci and JoJo brought the audience back to their feet with a fantastic show with live band, background singers and romantic atmosphere.  So when I say the show was hot, I mean it was “red” hot!

“This is not the JoJo show, this the K-Ci ‘and’ JoJo show, so get your a%$ back on stage,” JoJo said to his brother, who was having a good time in the audience (on the shoulders of his bodyguard) being pulled here and there by fans while still singing.

At some point K-Ci calls Sisqo on stage – and his brothers’ in-arms accompany him – to join the Hailey’s to perform a Jodeci number that Dru Hill often includes in their repertoire, “Forever My Lady.” That’s when the party really started.

Comments that I heard in the audience while there included, “this is real singing, I miss this” and “I’m glad to see them back,” and certainly I ditto on that! You can catch the wave of real singers – when artists actually “sang” for real – by catching the performances of the Hailey brothers by following them at www.twitter.com/RealKCiandJoJo for updated information and you can visit www.DruHillOnline.com to see when the next time Dru is in your town.

You can also see K-Ci and JoJo in TV One’s “…Come Clean” every Tuesday at 9 p.m. until the finale’ on December 7, 2010. Dru Hill’s reality show, CENTRIC’s “Keith Sweat’s Platinum House,” is – I believe – still repeating on Mondays at 8 p.m.

Baltimore native Lester Speight taking Hollywood by storm with three major projects to be released

“I was raised in a household where…I was singing and performing in church plays. So I was acting before sports,” Baltimore Lester Speight said about his humble beginning as an actor.

Lester’s career in entertainment started in sports and with the help of a local booking agent, Norman Lewis, he successfully transitioned into acting with roles in such films as Any Given Sunday. Today Speight appears in the just released CBS Film, Faster, starring Dwayne Johnson and Billy Bob Thornton.

His massive build has been one the God-given gifts that have helped in throughout his life. From high school and college (Morgan State University) all-American football player to professional wrestling, Lester credits for helping land his famous role of all, that of Terry Tate the Office Linebacker in the Reebok Super Bowl commercials.

“I knew at an early age I was created (for this) for a reason,” Lester pointed out about his life that seems to be ordained and already mapped out for him. “I knew I was going into acting…athletics play maybe 30 years. My plan was in 20 years to start wrestling, then acting.”

Early projects in acting, aside from Any Given Sunday, included The Meteor Man,

Speight also credits his mother Gussie Hughes-Watson, a nurse in trade and owner of Gussie’s Carryout, for his business sense as the former owner of a beeper and cell phone store, and co-owner (with his sister) of a beauty outlet store. He credits his current agent Tracy Buchwald for taking his budding acting career and making it flourish.

Today Lester is all actor with upcoming projects that include Transformer III: Dark of the Moon (2011), Gus in Xbox 360 “Gears of War” game (2011) and in the film Knucklehead (2010). Past projects are extensive but include roles on “Cold Case,” “Bones,” and in the film Norbit.

Learn more about Lester Speight by logging onto www.LesterSpeight.com.

Young comic strip genius Aaron McGruder debuts ‘The Boondocks: The Complete Third Season’ on DVD

Sony Pictures Television’s Peabody Award-winning comic strip animation series “Boondocks: The Complete Third Season” debuted recently on DVD. The infamous politically-charged animation series – created by Aaron McGruder – known for its hard-hitting satiric humor arrives just in time for Christmas.

Though it was my first time reviewing the series, I held onto my chair because I heard that it was pretty brutal in language and subject matter, but I found it to be hilarious and nothing I don’t hear in my own family and circle of friends. Take the character Uncle Rukus, I see my brother in him, and that just made it all the more funny.

“Its social satire,” said Gary Anthony Williams (“Boston Legal”), who plays the voice of Uncle Rukus, about the animation series. “He is a melding of a bunch of friends of my daddy- rude…It’s to let you know how wrong he is. Funny part is I meet rappers who love him!”

Picked up in 2005 “The Boondocks” is about American culture and race relations through the life of 10 year-old Huey Freeman, his younger 8 year-old brother Riley (both played by Regina King) and their custodian, grandfather Robert (John Witherspoon). Others in the cast include Cedric Yarbrough, Jill Talley and Gabby Soleil.

For more on “The Boondocks: The Complete Third Season” log onto www.BoondocksTV.com.