Terri J. Vaughn

*Playwright John Ruffin’s stage play “Love Me or Leave Me” makes it to television with the GMC presentation to premiere on Saturday November 13, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. ET (with encore at 9 p.m. and 11 p.m.). The comedy/drama, directed by Ruffin, stars Elise Neal, Shirley Murdock, Clifton Powell, Terri J Vaughn, Terrell Carter and Carl Anthony Pain, II.

“It’s a story about family,” actress Terri J Vaughn explained about “Love Me or Leave Me.” “It reveals family secrets…deals with marriage, infidelity and trying to hold on. Expect lots of fun, drama and singing. There’s some eye candy too!  It’s a good, good show.”

“Love Me or Leave Me” is about a troubled teen who abandoned her fraternal twin infants, leaving them with her mother to raise. The show picks up 25 years later with one of the twins, an attorney, is engaged to the man of her dreams. The troubled teen is grown now and back to reclaim her place in her children’s lives.

“I play an old guy, an old fart,” Clifton Powell laughed about his character. “I read the script…it was wonderful. Fell in love with the writer…John Ruffin is a young writer who is technically taught.”

Powell schooled me a little on the difference in acting in “Love Me or Leave Me” the stage play and the cable show. He said on stage its “linear, you keep the focus up,” but on television – if your character has emotional scenes, like Terri’s – it “gets kind of tiresome” with the many takes required.

“I am getting a real kick out of it,” Powell added about playing the “old fart.” “In movies I always play a heavy weight…dealing with issues.”

Clifton explained that GMC is trying to do more innovative programming now.

“Trust me you are going to hear a lot more from GMC and John Ruffin… and I hope to be there.”

“Love Me or Leave Me” airs Saturday November 13th on GMC, and each week thereafter. To learn more log onto www.WatchGMCTV.com.

ASCAP holds its annual Women Behind the Music Series in Los Angeles honoring Sheila E, attorney Tabetha Plummer and record executive Kirdis Postelle

Ascap Women honored

Recently ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) held its 2nd annual “ASCAP presents Women Behind the Music Series” in Los Angeles to honor Sheila E, entertainment attorney Tabetha Plummer and record executive Kirdis Postelle at the Beso in Hollywood.

ASCAP executives, lead by Nicole George (VP of Rhythm and Soul), turned the event over to Billboard Magazine’s Senior Editor Gail Mitchell to host a Q and A for a crowd of media and ASCAP members. All three ladies are on a short list of women that ASCAP honored this year in their Women Behind the Music Series. Others included Grammy winning Kelly Roland and Motown’s Melanie Fiona.

ASCAP planned the honors to coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month and is designed to encourage and recognize women in the music community, highlighting not only women songwriters and artists, but women working in all facets of the business.

Sheila E, best known to me as Prince’s drummer and music director of his band The New Power Generation, talked about growing up not knowing that girls normally didn’t play percussion instruments and laughed about challenges she has had from men about her ability to play.

“I’m not here to compete, I am here to share,” Sheila E told the crowd. “But if ya’ll want to throw down. I’m just saying, I’ll do it in some pumps, don’t mess with me!”

Also honored was the general manager of Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment, Kirdis Postelle. She talked about her decision to stay on as the secretary at LaFace Records, which was where her had her start as a record executive, instead of pursuing law school.

“LaFace was no joke. It was like boot-camp,” Kirdis pointed out. “But at the end of three years I was making more money than all my peers coming out of law school.”

Another amazing story told to the crowd was that of entertainment attorney Tabetha Plummer. Put through college by a hard working single mother, Tabetha said that gave her the determination to take law school all the way. She talked of working with no pay to get the needed experience offer at Motown Records. Today she heads her own law firm, Plummer Law Group, and clients include Snoop Dogg.

ASCAP is a performing rights organization which licenses and collects royalties for performance of its members. For more information about ASCAP, its members and its many events and services log onto www.ASCAP.com.