*Toni Braxton revealed some shocking news on Tuesday (Nov. 16) at a Los Angeles luncheon that she has been dealing with the autoimmune disease, Lupus. It was at the 8th Annual Lupus Bag Ladies Luncheon where she announced her battle.

“Take a look, this is what Lupus looks like,” Braxton said, as she accepted one of the two Women Achievement awards, handed out during the ceremony.

She also suffers from pericaditis, which makes victims susceptible to high blood pressure and heart palpitations.

“Had a great time at the 8th Annual Hollywood Bag Ladies Luncheon,” Braxton tweeted, following the award ceremony. “A big moment for me. It was a tough decision to come out about it. But it was such a relief!”

Lady Gaga was also present and shared her story of Lupus in her family. She also shares some encouraging words with Braxton.

“Toni, your strength is admirable,” Gaga said. “As a woman whose family has been affected by lupus, I understand your struggle and have you in my thoughts.”