*Niecy Nash’s guest-starring role on Fox’s “The Cleveland Show” Sunday night sure did make an impression on TV Guide columnist Damian Holbrook, who is now pushing for the comedic actress and reality show star to get her own sitcom.

He writes…

Seriously, the woman is being wasted.  Not that it wasn’t swell to have her voicing Donna’s kid-ditching sister Janet on “The Cleveland Show” last night, but that was just a guest spot and the real-life Nash is too fabulously animated to be relegated to cartoonery. She needs to be front and center, in the flesh and on TV on a weekly basis. And preferably in something better than “Do Not Disturb.”

(L-R) Niecy Nash (as Janet) and Cleveland in "The Cleveland Show"

One would think after her run on “Dancing with the Stars” and “Reno 911!” that someone would have found Miss Niecy a proper vehicle by now. She’s paid her dues and proven to be a fan favorite, so why hasn’t this happened yet? We get that she isn’t exactly your average leading lady and God knows women of color aren’t really filling our screens, but the time has come to take off your blindfolds and open your eyes, Hollywood! Even a role on an existing show will do. Just get to getting’ and get this woman a series already.

Click here to watch the episode featuring Niecy Nash: “Another Bad Thanksgiving.”