*It looks like President Obama has started a trend, well sort of.

President Yoweri Museveni, commander in chief of Uganda, is using Hip-Hop to bring in the young voters for his re-election campaign.

As part of his efforts, the 65-year-old head of state, who has been in power since 1986, released a rap song with a video that is now being played in clubs, on TV and radio!

The song is mostly sung in a native language, Runyankore, but some of the lyrics have been translated:

“Harvesters … gave me millet, that I gave to a hen, which gave me an egg, that I gave to children, who gave me a monkey, that I gave to the king, who gave me a cow, that I used to marry my wife.”

Perhaps there is some cultural resonance with this song. Despite his “interesting” rap song, some citizens think he needs to be more focused on making changes rather than rapping. But you have to admit, he’s trying to stay with the times like Obama who gathered the youth vote through Hip-Hop.

He’s no Kanye or Jay-Z. In fact, his laid back style just might put you to sleep. 🙂 But hey, he’s the prez … of Uganda. Take a look-see: