*Extra caught up with Beyonce at the screening of “I AM … World Tour.” The singer opened up about her drive behind the production and why the film is so special to her.

“I’m so excited, this is my directorial debut,” she told AJ Calloway. “I am just thrilled that my fans are going to be in the theater with me and I can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

This fantastic and quite unique production offers some rare behind-the-scenes footage of her personal life along with performances of some of her fans’ favorite hits.

“It took me nine months to edit because I wanted to show a little bit of each show, each performance on tour, and it was 116 shows, so you can only imagine how much work it was, bit it was worth it,” said Beyoncé.

Also, her dear friend Gwyneth Paltrow asked Beyonce for some help with her upcoming performance in “Country Strong.”

“I didn’t have to give her any tips. She’s incredible. I’m very proud of her. She did such a fantastic job!”

Sneak peaks from the DVD will air on Thanksgiving at 9:30 PM EST on ABC.