*The last time Beyonce had reason to be mentioned on “Sports Center” was likely June 14, 2001, when she and her Destiny’s Child cohorts were booed by Philadelphia 76ers fans for sporting jerseys of the opposing Lakers during a playoff halftime performance.

Cut to Thanksgiving 2010. ESPN found cause to feature the music superstar on its flagship program, but this time for a formal sit-down interview.  After all, her husband is part-owner of the New Jersey Nets.

But more importantly, ESPN’s sister station under Disney is ABC, which aired Beyonce’s Thanksgiving special last night.

ESPN’s Hannah Storm was tasked with the cross-promotion, asking Beyonce about her favorite athletes, how preparing for a year-long tour is akin to an athlete preparing for a season, and the best thing about being married to someone with stake in an NBA franchise.

Watch below.