*Charlie Murphy, who, unlike his brother Eddie back in the day, is not a very funny stand up comedian. Sorry Charlie. Anyway, while performing this past weekend at Grambling, that reality was apparent and the student audience let poor Charlie know by letting loose the boo birds.

So since Charlie isn’t very funny to begin with, he didn’t have the material, or experience to know how to win the audience over, he reacted poorly.

At that point Mr. Murphy called for one of the staff members who was off stage, to bring his check over.  Murphy held it up telling the audience that’s the check he’s being paid for tonight’s performance.  In keeping it real, he dropped the check then delivered an F-U bomb to the crowd before dropping the mic and walking off stage.

A YouTube video (NSFW) captured the entire incident. Interestingly we found the whole  situation sad and funny at the same time. It makes you wonder who was more classles. Murphy or the audience?