*All is well in the world of Lil Wayne fans, friends and family these days because the rapper finally made it back home (Nov. 7) after an eight-month jail stint at Rikers island in New York.

And nothing says welcome home better than a party at a strip club in Miami. Yep, that’s where the party and the action was Sunday night. And err’body came out to celebrate.

“This is a celebration, you know? This is a night we all get to have fun,” Drake told MTV’s Sway Calloway. “I’m officially off-duty, I’m off work. I’m coming tonight just to have fun and celebrate such a great, phenomenal, legendary man.

“I just wanna celebrate with him, man,” DJ Khaled later added. “The music stuff? That’s what we do for a living, so we always gonna work musically. But tonight’s all about a celebration of Wayne.”

Busta Rhymes likened the celebration to the welcoming of a king or an awards pre-show.

Those in attendance included his mother, actress Lauren London (the mother of one of his children), Cool & Dre, Waka Flocka Flame, and of course the Young Money/Cash Money family.

“We went through this and our team is still stronger than ever,” Nicki Minaj later added. “To have him back, it’s like, ‘Wayne, we held you down while you were gone.’ And I think that’s the craziest thing, it’s the most meaningful thing as a CEO to go away and have your team hold you down.”