*Nicki Minaj opened up, revealing a new side of her life, including her father’s crack cocaine addiction.

The Young Money MC is the hottest topic of an MTV documentary called, “My Time is Now.”

She reveals some very intimate details about her life. Minaj showed a sensitive side when she shed a few tears at the mention of her grandmother, who died seven years ago. When asked if her mother would be proud of her, she nodded her head “yes” as she allowed tears to roll down her cheeks.

As a child, she lived with her grandmother in Trinidad until her parents sent for her in America. She shared that she was quite surprised by the harsh realities of Jamiaca Queens.

“(When I went to New York) I thought it was gonna be like a castle. Like white picket fence, like a fairy tale. I got off the plane and it was cold. I remember the smell. I could always remember the smell when I got out of the airport of the snow, and I had never seen snow. I remember the house. I remember that the furniture wasn’t put down. It was, like, piled up on each other, and I didn’t understand why, ’cause I thought it was gonna look like a big castle.”

She also shared how her father fell under the fist of drug addiction. The documentary airs on Nov. 28 on MTV.